Report Date: 04/26/2005

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Cacy's Imperial Lexi

Reg Name: Cacy's Imperial Lexi
Reg #: TR231926/05 Breed/Variety: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Birth Date: 02/21/2004 Sex: Female
Colors/Markings: Ruby
Breeder(s): Jane Streff/Kelly Johnson

Cacy's Imperial Lexi
Pride Of Leacon
TR095113/03 11-03 (United Kingdom)
AKC DNA #V307717
Tyfriog Athlete Star
KCR AB01037104
Twelvesrow Red Rascal At Tyfriog
KCR X1987501X02
Jonathan's Joy Of Twelvesrow
KCR Q2933602Q03
Marcliff Magical Magician
KCR L5440602L04
Arras Ruby Princess
KCR G6166602H04
Twelvesrow Flash Dancer
KCR T0268501T01
Charles Black King Cole Of Twelvesrow
KCR P4919701P04
Twelvesrow Zagadka
KCR Q4127505Q03
Tyfriog Gwenno
KCR V2377001V03
Jimmy's Decison
KCR U2440902U03
Rismic Smart Alec
KCR T3863705T03
Miss Nan
KCR R2675106R02
Kenine Alma
KCR P3489505P03
Tee Jay Hooker
KCR J5978406K05
Sophia Girl
KCR G5507203K10
Radiant Lady Jane
KCR V1701302V02 (United Kingdom)
Viceroy Jester Junior
KCR S0616401S01
Twelvesrow Sporting Chance
KCR R2318502R02
(Not Available Online)
(Not Available Online)
Dolcoed Delaware Sacha
KCR P5733601P04
(Not Available Online)
(Not Available Online)
Coedwalter Princess
KCR R2735105R02
Kenkew Adam Ash
KCR Q3064804Q03
(Not Available Online)
(Not Available Online)
Suki Rustaq
KCR M2428705N04
(Not Available Online)
(Not Available Online)
Princess Hannah Rocks
TP288895/03 02-04
Precious Little Tim
TP275972/01 05-02 (Ireland)
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V234158
Trenaul Dark Invader
IKC T63831
Ringcreevy Russell
IKC R97944
Sorata Raffles
IKC R47917
Ringcreevy Kirby
IKC P15994
Lyneka Black Velvet
IKC T 18313
Trenaul D'Artangan
IKC S 16806
Lyneka Red Lady
IKC S 54202
Lady Carissima
IKC T17415
My Golden Toby
IKC S 53795
Trenaul Hello Henry
IKC S 17528
My Golden Glory
IKC S 15494
Pentop Midday Eclipse
IKC S 69436
Cottarose Tobias
KCR P4103401P03
Pentop Grecian Goddess
KCR S1603505S02
Goldenwood Magic Rose
TP287028/01 07-02 (United Kingdom)
Goldenwood Smirnoff
KCR V2974103V03
Juzandia Rock On Tommy
Harana Rockstar At Denstone
Juzandia New Flame At Suchfun
KCR Q5522305Q05
Goldenwood Ruby Wax
KCR T3670104T03
My Boy Alfie
KCR M2311202S01
Cadence Damita
KCR S1009304S01
Shenlyn June Jacqueline
KCR U2617603U03
Myhope King Creole At Moonvale
Leelyn Booblack At Rojobens
KCR N1638201N02
Gabledene Graceland Of Myhope
Shenlyn April Amanda
KCR Q2865901Q02
Shenlyn October Osprey
KCR M6847701M04
Prudence Of Shenlyn
KCR J2552702J12

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